Young researchers

Young researchers of the International Laboratory and their supervisors became winners in the RFBR competition.

According to the results of the competition for the best fundamental research projects carried out by graduate students, 8 NEFU projects out of 9 became winners:

• Project “Multiscale mathematical modeling of flow and transport problems in heterogeneous areas”

Research supervisor: Vasilieva Maria Vasilievna

Graduate student: Alekseev Valentin Nikolaevich

• Project “Multiscale mathematical modeling of unsaturated filtration problems in fractured and inhomogeneous media”

Research supervisor: Vasilieva Maria Vasilievna

Graduate student: Spiridonov Denis Alekseevich

• Project “Computational algorithms and software for the numerical calculation of multidimensional direct and inverse problems of adsorption in porous media”

Research supervisor: Vabishchevich Petr Nikolaevich

Graduate student: Grigoryev Vasily Vasilievich

The Grant competition is oriented at young scientists- graduate students and provides conditions for successful obtaining of the Candidate of Sciences degree. It also facilitates job search and assists in training scientists for Russian research institutions.

Total amount of the grant: 1,200,000 rubles.

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